Best Banana Rum Drinks Recipes

Are you a fan of tropical drinks when you like to go out drinking? Are you one to go on a Caribbean cruise or to enjoy a nice trip to the beach? Well, what type of drink is your choice drink to sip on when doing this? We have a drink for you: a Banana … Read more

Best Beach Cocktails Recipes

5 Best Beach Cocktails Summer is finally in full swing, heatwave and all! For those people lucky enough to be next to a large body of water it’s time to hit the beach or lake to cool off and grab a drink. For those of us who are landlocked and are bracing for the hottest … Read more

Best Frozen Margarita Recipes

Summer – the perfect time to make frozen margaritas! Whether at a BBQ, trying to impress your friends with your dazzling cocktail skills or just treating yourself to something tasty and refreshing, this list will give you everything you need to do just that. Frozen Lime Margarita Anything citrus will not only tantalise your taste … Read more

Best White Sangria Recipes

Sangria, a Spanish tipple typically made with red wine, can actually be enjoyed with white wine. While this goes slightly against the traditional grain, it is a truly delicious drink and absolutely perfect for those blissful summer days. Luckily for you, we have a wealth of easy white sangria recipes so you can be the … Read more

Best Blood Orange Liqueur Drinks

Blood orange liqueur is positively tantalizing. This sweet-tart harmony is incredibly versatile and can easily find its way into most cocktails. While it’s seen more prominently in colder months – simply because that’s when blood orange is in season and seems most fitting – there’s no need to shy away when it’s hot out.  However, … Read more

Best Blueberry Martini Drinks

A martini is the perfect cocktail to enjoy after dinner, at the end of a tough work day, or for celebrations. But, it’s easy to get into an ordinary-martini-rut. One interesting way to change things up is to make a blueberry martini, either with fresh blueberries or with blueberry vodka. There are tons of flavor … Read more

Best Blueberry Vodka Drinks

Everybody loves blueberry drinks, and it’s pretty easy to buy artificially flavored blueberry vodka at most liquor stores. And store-bought blueberry vodka is a perfectly suitable drink on its own, but you should really see some of the creative blueberry vodka drinks that are out there! Here are some of the best blueberry vodka drinks: … Read more

Can You Drink Expired Beer

Can You Drink Beer Past It’s Expiration Date? Are you a casual drinker who threw a party and has a case of leftover beer sitting around that could take you years to finish off? Before you dump it down the drain, did you know that it is completely safe to drink beer past its expiration … Read more

Worst Beer

The Worst Beer in the World. Beer is more or less universally beloved. From the Trappist monks of old Belgium to the domestic-swilling dads of the 21st century, people have been brewing, drinking, and talking about beer for a long time. Though beer has been around for many centuries, this may be the best time … Read more

Why is Alcohol Called Spirits

Spirited Away: A Bizarre History of the Word “Alcohol” You might hear the word “spirits” in relation to alcohol and wonder where that correlation comes from. A quick dictionary search offers our first clue. While there are several definitions of the word, the definition we most associate with the word “spirits” is that ethereal part … Read more

Who Invented Alcohol

There are so many types of alcohol in the world that you may wonder, “Where did it all start?” Evidence of people drinking alcohol can be found as far back as Neolithic times 12,000 years ago. What separated these people from earlier Stone age people was farming. The Neolithic people were the first farmers. This … Read more

White Wine Benefits

White Wine Benefits? What you need to know White wine has always been the perfect companion, you drink it with a decent supper, you pine for it in the wake of a stressful day, and you reach for a glass when you go for a meetup, for some reason whatsoever, you just find yourself holding … Read more