Best Cherry Vodka

The Enticing World of Cherry Vodkas Commercially flavored vodkas available today are the results of various structured chemical processes. Different distillers use different methods for the production of flavored vodkas. It may be noted that some vodkas did not derive their flavors from real fruits, spices, or vegetables. Chemists create aromas and flavors in the … Read more

Summer Drinks with Rum

Keep Calm and Drink a Bottle of Rum: 11 Easy To Make Rum Cocktail Recipes It was understood that nothing of a tender nature could possibly be confided to old Barley, by reason of his being totally unequal to the consideration of any subject more psychological than gout, rum, and purser’s stores. Great Expectations, Charles … Read more

Summer Drinks with Tequila

Tequila Sunrise: 9 Must Try Tequila Cocktail Recipe For Any House Party Tequila (pronounced te’kila in Spanish) is a local distilled beverage and kind of an alcoholic drink prepared from blue agave plants, typically in the region that surrounds the Tequila city, sixty-five kilometers northwest of a place called Guadalajara, and also in the Los … Read more

Summer Drinks with Gin

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Gin and Tonic: 7 Fresh Gin Cocktail Recipes For You Gin-drinking is a great vice in England, but wretchedness and dirt are a greater; and until you improve the homes of the poor, or persuade a half-famished wretch not to seek relief in the temporary oblivion of his … Read more

Party Summer Drinks

I Know What You Sipped Last Summer: 30+ Handpicked Cocktail Recipes A good host does not forget to arrange wine, beer, and liquor; but a great host stocks up on mocktails too. Here are most popular cocktail and mocktail recipes that are going to make the evening parties even more meaningful this summer. 1. PB … Read more

Summer Drinks with Vodka

Top 5 Vodka Summer Cocktail Recipes That Will Leave You Breathless Mick Jagger once said that “there is no absolutes in life, only vodka.” While all may not agree to this, but there is no escape from the fact that its crisp flavor is a natural match for rejuvenating summer cocktails. 1. Moscow Mule Vodka … Read more

Best Margarita Recipes

With summer comes the margarita. Margaritas are a refreshing way to relax, reminding people of beachfront evenings and vacation in faraway, exotic places. Fortunately, your local Mexican restaurants aren’t the only place you can enjoy a good margarita. Below, we’ve pulled together some of the best margarita recipes, perfect for parties, date nights, and even … Read more

Best Polish Vodka

10 Famous Polish Vodka Brands Simple questions do not necessarily have simple answers. Russians or Poles, who make Vodkas better is one such innocent (or, perhaps, not so!) question. Poland does have quite a few reasons to brag. There are so many choices. One can check out the sweet cherry-like taste of the Wisnioca, or … Read more

Best Vodka Mixers

12 of The Best Vodka Mixers – Best Things to Mix with Vodka Good vodka mixers are essential to enjoying the vodka mixed drinks and vodka cocktails truly. Great vodka mixers must have the following qualities. Firstly, the mixer should blend well with the vodka. The flavors of the vodka and the mixer are supposed … Read more

Best Margarita Mixes

With margaritas, sometimes quicker works better, especially when you’re the bartender for a party. Margarita mix can be a lifesaver. Margarita mix includes a number of ingredients that aren’t alcoholic. It’s all about flavor with margarita mix. While tequila is often regarded as the star of a margarita, flavor is just as important. Silver tequila, … Read more

Best Martini Gin

10 of the Best Martini Gin Gin is one such spirit which is extremely versatile and can go with any flavors, ranging from creamy to spicy and herby to fruity. When speaking of gin, it should not be a good idea to restrict oneself to the dry, botanical flavor classic martini. The critical ingredient of … Read more

Best Italian Red Wine

Italian Red Wines: Sinful and Sexy Many people often engage in armchair discussions, debating which is superior, French or the Italian. However, it is important to remember that both are two distinct classes of red wines, and they have quite a few characteristic differences. For instance; grapes are cultivated in the warmer, far Southern regions … Read more